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Fenix FD41 flashlight


Fenix FD41 flashlight it has a device that moves the lens closer to the led or farther so it can have a long beam of light or a wide beam. This flashlight has a 900 lumens output of luminous intensity..

Fenix FD65 search and rescue flashlight


Fenix FD65 search and rescue flashlight is equipped with XHP35 HI Cree type leds and TIP lenses which offer a high efficiency and has a maximum luminous output of 3800 lumens with a range of 410 meter..

Fenix HL12R rechargeable headlamp


Fenix HL12R rechargeable headlamp is a high performance flashlight with compact design. It can be used in 4 modes inlcuding red light and SOS mode. HL12R is powered by a 1000mAh Li-polymer rechargeabl..

Fenix HL18R headlamp


Fenix HL18R headlamp is a double light source high performance flashlight with an autonomy of up to 150 hours. It can be used in several modes, as spotlight, floodlight or SOS. It can be powered by AA..

Fenix HL30 headlamp 2018 edition


Fenix HL30 headlamp 2018 edition is your ideal partner for hiking and other outdoor activities, having 5 levels of intensity with a maximum lightning power of 300 lumens. The flashlight is powered by ..

Fenix HL32R headlamp


Fenix HL32R headlamp is a high performance flashlight with a light intensity of 600 lumens. It has 5 modes of usage plus red light and SOS. It is powered by a built-in 2000mAh Li-polimer rechargeable ..

Fenix HL50 headlamp


Fenix HL50 headlamp is a flashlight which can be used regardless of the weather outside, powered by AA ( R6 ) alkaline batteries or CR123A Lithium. This flashlight provides a 365 lumens light intensit..

Fenix HL60R rechargeable headlamp


Fenix HL60R rechargeable headlamp it has an output of 950 lumens with a beam of 116 meters and 100 hours autonomy, being powered by one 18650 Li-ion rechargeable battery or two 3V CR123A 9 lithium bat..

Fenix HM15R Ruby headlamp


Fenix HM15R Ruby headlamp is a red and white led flashlight with a beam of up to 85 meters and with SOS mode. It is built to be used in harsh conditions with a XM-L2 ( U2 ) white colour led. The lumin..

Fenix HM50R headlamp


Fenix HM50R headlamp is a rechargeable flashlight, built for high performance regardless of the environment conditions. It is fitted with a white Cree XM-L2 ( U2 ) led operated on 4 levels of intensit..

Fenix HM61R headlamp


Fenix HM61R headlamp is a flashlight which can be used as a chest lamp and is fitted with two light sources, red and white. It can provide a luminous intensity of 1200 lumens with a range of 45 meters..

Fenix HM65R led headlamp


Fenix HM65R led headlamp is designed for trekking, hiking or search quests and can spread light in two ways, spotlight and floodlight at an intensity of 1400 lumens. It is powered by a 3500mAh recharg..

Fenix HP15 Ultimate Edition headlamp


Fenix HP15 Ultimate Edition headlamp is a tool equipped with a special switch for BURST mode, so you can be provided with a full 900 lumens of bright led light, with a range of 178 meters, which can b..

Fenix HP25R headlamp


Fenix HP25R headlamp is a rechargeable flashlight built for your need of light in every situation. It has a battery level indicator and can be recharged through its built-in USB port. Fenix HP25R is f..

Fenix HP30R headlamp


Fenix HP30R headlamp is a flashlight powered by two 2600mAh 18650 Li-ion rechargeable batteries, which are included in the package. The battery module is separate from the headlamp to reduce weight on..

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